Case Study

The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership supports the integration of newcomer professionals

The TRIEC Mentoring Partnership supports the integration of newcomer professionals into the labour market by matching job-ready immigrants with established Canadian professionals in their field.

Newcomers bring talent, innovation, and international expertise, but face many barriers to meaningful employment in Canada. LEAP invested in TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP) based on its effective and scalable approach to overcoming these barriers. We kicked off our partnership in 2014 by assessing the impact investment of TMP and establishing a strategy to optimize, grow and enable the TMP program. TMP has implemented many enhancements with the support of our sector partners, including the design of a new, more efficient matching system, a refined curriculum and mentoring model, a streamlined coaching workflow and a new brand identity. These changes have led to a more optimized and sustainable business model and a 69% increase in annual matches, and have enabled TMP to reach an estimated $28 million in annual societal impact. Furthermore, TRIEC has recruited new employer partners to address the mentor-mentee pool imbalance and offer much needed mentors in priority fields for skilled immigrants.

Moutushi Esha moved to Canada from Bangladesh in 2015 and has grown both as a TRIEC mentee and mentor. She found the industry-specific coaching, wide range of resources, and networking opportunities immensely useful in landing her first Canadian job in financial services. Today, Moutushi gives back by being a mentor; she puts herself in her mentees’ shoes to empathize with and guide them through their professional journey.


Amount in economic benefit created for every $1 invested


Increase in value of social impact since LEAP engagement


Proportion of mentees employed in field/related field within 6 months of entering the program


Mentoring matches to date, currently 2000/year


Together, we can achieve
a healthier Canada.