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Rumie brings the surge of online learning content to communities with the most to gain.

Approximately 3.5 billion people around the world do not have stable, reliable access to the internet. The Rumie Initiative overcomes barriers to this lack of access by using innovative, low-cost technology and the power of volunteers to improve access to learning for those who are most disconnected. 

LEAP selected Rumie in 2016 due to its scalable model and entrepreneurial approach to address one of the world’s greatest inequities: access to quality education. LEAP and its sector partners have stepped in to tackle critical organizational challenges in areas ranging from product pricing and supply chain analysis to developing legal agreements and impact assessments, paving the way for Rumie’s growth. Since LEAP’s involvement, Rumie has grown from projects in 10 countries to 29, offering 60,000 digital resources on the Rumie LearnCloud and reaching 40,000 learners worldwide.

In Canada, Rumie has partnered with Indigenous communities to offer over 9,000 learning resources on its LearnCloud, which hosts 129 Indigenous languages and dialects. Karen Mosko, from Munsee-Delaware First Nation, has used the Rumie Solution to create and share videos that youth in the community use to practice, and ultimately preserve, the Lunaape language.

LEAP brought a lot of expertise to the table, and a network of relationships that allowed us to improve the quality of what we’re doing, and to start to supercharge our reach.

– Tariq Fancy Founder and Executive Director, The Rumie Initiative


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