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SNAP programs teach children with disruptive behaviours how to make better choices in the moment

Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) is an evidence-based trauma-informed model that teaches children aged 6-11 with disruptive behaviours and their parents how to make better choices “in the moment.”

LEAP identified SNAP as the most effective cognitive behavioural program for at-risk children in Canada, with the potential to transform thousands of lives and drive societal impact by reducing the staggering costs of youth incarceration. The SNAP program has proven results; every $1 spent on SNAP yields an average savings of $4 for convictions alone and $32 for all crimes, with an 18 – 33% reduction in crime. At the outset of the partnership, LEAP and SNAP co-created a long-term strategy to scale SNAP’s highest impact programs to 140 communities nationwide.To amplify SNAP’s impact and reach, LEAP and sector partners have unlocked more than $3.5 million in pro bono services for SNAP since 2013 and have provided holistic support including ongoing leadership coaching, the development of a robust IT platform, the creation of a marketing plan and materials and the development of a funding strategy, which led to more than $32 million in funds raised to support SNAP implementations in Canada. Since partnering with LEAP, SNAP has reached thousands of children and is well on its way to achieving its ambitious goal of reaching 7,000 children annually by 2022.

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As a child, Kwame struggled in school. He found it difficult to listen to his teachers in class, and would act out by throwing chairs, climbing out of school windows, and running down the street. Kwame’s family grew more and more concerned that this could take him down the wrong path, but then his mom found SNAP. Through SNAP, Kwame learned how to use self-regulation, and his family learned how to best support him. Kwame said, “SNAP helped me attend class more regularly and, with the help of my SNAP leader being there in class with me at times, I learned how to stop and think before I act and make better choices.” Today, he is making significant gains in his life. He has completed high school, has a part-time job with the SNAP program, and is attending college so he can make an impact on other kids who need help.

Since being selected as the inaugural investment by LEAP, SNAP’s proven children’s mental health and crime prevention model program is now reaching more children, families and communities that need it; helping children stay in school and out of trouble by increasing their self-regulation, self-control and problem solving skills.

Dr. Leena Augimeri
Director, SNAP Co-Founder, Scientific & Program Development, Child Development Institute


Number of weeks that SNAP can help improve emotional regulation and self-control


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Cost-benefit ratio of the SNAP program linking to an 18 - 33% reduction in crime


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